Saturday, November 15, 2014

My brothers poem

Why I finally saw the waters heaving there
I’ll never know

Crashing against the rocky foundations
Of my soul
An old light house

Her red doors gently swinging open and closed
Flirting with me and the gentle blue breezes of her waning tide
A battered silence weeping
From the unrelenting ways of fortitude fallen
And hope’s journey betrayed

Had I known my blood would want to run
Even boil there in the fading light of her setting sun,
To flee and be free from her pain

I might not have looked her way
Away from the sanctuary of my tired sea worthy hands
And nets full of life

But my heart held like an anchor
To bearings beyond my reach
And the ship that had brought me here
Was no longer sea born
But beached

And I knew the truth of it then
Of the empty misery that does not know us all at once
Or let us sail away
But carves our faces day by day
Into beautiful masks
Into the light houses of our fate

Watched by crows too black to have eyes
Leering from the safety of flotsam fowled trees of fallen life
Jeering at us like a crab on its back dying

My hands relaxed, my nets released

And I heard the siren songs of death and love like chains
Rattle wet against my wincing ear
And kiss me dear

As if her foundations would not crumble with my embrace

Do not close your eyes on me
She said

And it came again through the briny air
And sandy sea

Do not close your eyes on me just yet

Like the whispery voice of a lover dying in my arms
Damp with salty sweat

Her sweet stench of life and death beneath the sand
Bubbled up beneath my toes
And filled my nose with the scent of sex
And dying gods

And I tried to stand but could only plead
As crows plucked grains of sand from my soul
Like ransomed jetsom
Returning to the darkness
Of an all swallowing mother

The Father of Lights sailing away
And no one yearning
To save me

Or the child of our unspeakable love

Oh how the darkness devoutly carries
And calls our crows away
Revelation by revelation

Into the infinitesimally small oblivions of our heavens never found
Into the shadows lost at the font of our crashing seas
Until the brazen sand of our soul’s life is not but reflection

And my eyes are not but thee
My unsavable love

I do not know why I saw your waters heaving there
Where I stood

Or how my soul became a light house forgotten
Anchored by my heart
To lonely nets
And empty hands
And crows

New Painting, "Blue Heron & Magnolias"

Here is my most recent painting. There are a lot of Great Blue Herons in my town, they are beautiful graceful and grand birds. I coupled them with one of my favorite flowers, magnolia. I've always wanted to plant a magnolia tree and just did recently. I hope it grows to be a large beautiful tree someday covered in magnolia blossoms.

The painting measures 18" by 18" and is acrylic on canvas. I hope you enjoy!