Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walking into the Middle Ages...

Laughter mingles at the tavern... Friends gather and celebrate, while the candle flickers and drinks are plenty... Images from the Baroque period come to mind, with dramatic lighting and composition such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Rembrant, Frans Hals and Judith Leyster. 

Tales are told and spirits are let loose...

The fire dancer, gypsy, nomad and story teller... He is here to share his adventures from the the world abroad...A man of many stories with the gift of magic, laughter and tales to tell.

Friends, family and new faces come together for a night... For a moment we all share together in another time, another place...

What is it that draws us to knights, honor, romance and chivalry? The pre-raphaelite artists of the mid 1800's such as John William Waterhouse, Evelyn De Morgan and Edward Burne-Jones were all drawn to this era of maidens, knights and honor and were inspired by the medieval age. 

Two days of jousting, hand to hand combat and equestrian skill...I watched with awe and admiration.

Chuck Davenport from the Seattle Knights
Ryan Heflen & Karl Hohnstein from the Seattle Knights
Carlin Kennedy & Dylan Birtolo from the Seattle Knights
Lee Kessler & Ryan Heflen from Seattle Knights
Thanks to the Seattle Knights!

Another year at the Medieval festival..shared with Morgans Camp...Beautiful weather, good food, drink and memories to sustain...
Morgans Camp Women
Renee & John from Morgans Camp

silly ducks at the petting zoo
Our local bagpipe musician...
Until next year...

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