Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pastels on the Plaza and Farmers Market...

Every year our quaint little town puts on a festival called "Pastels on the Plaza". It's a fundraiser for North Coast Children's services and it's a very busy and fun event to come to. 

Local businesses make a donation to North Coast Children's Services for each of the sidewalk squares on the downtown plaza and artists donate their time and talent to fill them up with original pastel artwork.

The typical Saturday Farmers Market makes an additional festive backdrop to the event. Our town is not short on Artists, and I am always amazed at the wonderful images when the event is over.

My drawing for Historical Sights of Arcata
Me and my sidewalk art creation
Augustus Clark for Plaza Design

Farmers Market Bell Peppers
Suzanne from Root Essentials

Alan Sanborn for Solutions
Sunflowers from the Farmers Market
Joyce Jonte for Los Bagels

Onions from Farmers Market
un-known artist drawing amazing peacock feathers
Un-known artist drawing a Leonardo da Vinci

Peppers from Farmers Market
Un-known artist for Humboldt Wildlife Care Center

Poet writing spontaneous poetry for customers


  1. It looks like a wonderful day in a wonderful community! Lucky you!

  2. It was a great day!
    After the pastels festival, there was an arts event called "Arts Alive" where hundreds of people swarm the streets, shops and galleries are open, artists have their art up and musicians play on several street corners. I had a wonderful time roaming the streets looking at art and then went to a square dance.
    Can't complain.
    Thanks for your comment!